This new feature is an experiment and your feedback would be most welcome!

COVID-19 has interfered with many things in our lives and behaviours over the past two years. Most affected has been the ways we celebrate and grieve, the ways we spend time with family and friends and, most of all, how we meet and get to know those who have recently joined our community. Village life is usually notable for neighbourly interest in newcomers. In the past, it didn’t take long for folks to learn who was who, where they came from and why they found themselves here in Clashmore.

Sadly, COVID changed that for many of us. The folks on the Community Council thought we might help things along with an occasional introduction to some of the people who have come into Clashmore over the past year. 

Once a month we will profile a New Neighbour to Clashmore. They may be someone who has moved to Clashmore from a nearby town or village or someone who has come back after a long stint abroad… or someone totally new to Ireland or this part of the country. No matter where they have come from, they are the “people in our neighbourhood—the people that we meet each day.”*

March 2022 – Clodagh & Jason Walsh and family


*From Sesame Street